Session III

New forms of participative democracy and their consequences

Makers of sustainable society? Critical notes on the responsibilization of youth in the sustainable development and climate change discourse
Tiina Rättilä, Irmeli Mustalahti & Matti Pihlajamaa

Public involvement methods for the future development plans in the context of social conflict
Triin Vihalemm, Asko Lõhmus & Maie Kiisel

Future of voters’ decision making
Hanna Willman-Iivarinen

Citizen science, power, responsibility and foresight

Constructing futures through residents and diaspora-led social entrepreneurship
Jorge Martins & Tim Vorley

Solapur smart city: The role and responsibilities of citizen in constructing social future
Amol Gajdhane

Modes and objects of knowledge: Tackling climate change in municipal organisations
Mikko J. Virtanen, Tapio Reinekoski, Turo-Kimmo Lehtonen & Lauri Lahikainen

Knowledge based decision making on sustainable development – Using citizen panel to increase the usefulness of indicator data
Sami Pirkkala

Advances in methods in futures studies

The agency and knowledge creation in participatory futures workshop
Hanna Heino

Futures workshops as a tool for bringing different actors together to co-create desired futures. Lessons from Peru and Colombia
Hanna Lakkala, Marianna B. Ferreira-Aulu, Juha Kaskinen, Ritva Repo-Carrasco-Valencia, Omar Del Carpio, Fernando Vargas, Eduardo Morales, Kenneth Ochoa, Carlos Quintero & María Eugenia Rodriguez

That futures workshop was great – So what now??? Future scenarios to lasting action and agency
Elissa Farrow

Sense making – future making. Adults imagining their futures
Katariina Heikkilä & Anna Kirveennummi

The heterogeneity of actors and the many levels of analysis in social futures

The implications of derived demand for scenario planning
Meelis Kitsing

ShE-2030_Future scenarios for the shared & collaborative economy in 2030; A foresight based exploratory analysis on the coming post-capitalist society and the transforming role of technology, creativity and social innovation in the new economy
Enric Bas and Anna Bossler

Constructing a sustainable Industry 4.0: Foresight as enabler of circular additive manufacturing business models
Mikkel Stein Knudsen, Jari Kaivo-oja & Theresa Lauraéus

Engine of the bio economy or merely a raw material provider – Futures of Finnish forest industry
Marileena Mäkelä

Futures education and learning

About future visions of society and professional responsibility – Future missions from the perspective of teachers
Doreen Cerny

The regional specifics of future-oriented education practice: Methodological issues of comparative analysis
Tatiana Yakubovskaya

How to foster futures awareness with futures guidance?
Johanna Ollila, Leena Jokinen & Sari Miettinen

The future school 2030 – The future images held by young people about the future of education
Elina Nikula, Tero Järvinen & Anne Laiho


Back to the futures we want: Envisioning and backcasting for sustainable futures
Sachiko Ishihara & Laila Mendy


Exploring systemic innovations towards sustainability in community clusters in different countries
Rabi Narayan Kar, Kaisa Sorsa, Kusha Tiwari, Keijo Varis & Ari Lindeman


National Foresight 2020 – Sharing knowledge on networked foresight
Christopher Rowley, Maria Malho, Matti Minkkinen, Burkhard Auffermann and Laura Pouru