Session IV

New forms of participative democracy and their consequences

The transformative power of heritage futures in societies
Katriina Siivonen

Science or entertainment? Futures of local natural history museum
Minna Santaoja

Engaging with Trauma in Participatory Futures Work
Amy Hosotsuji & Samhita Misra

Citizen science, power, responsibility and foresight

We are the people? Opinions, hopes and fears of Dutch citizens on future and technology
Patrick Van der Duin, Paul Lodder & Dhoya Snijders

Social innovation labs as sources of futures knowledge
Merja Lang & Tuula Jäppinen

An experiment in participatory futurism
Oliver Bream McIntosh

Privacy after the flood: Analysing the relationship between privacy and futures
Matti Minkkinen

Futures studies in the empowerment of agency

Futures communication
Elizabeth Hofvenschioeld

Journalism in a peer-to-peer anticipatory assemblage. How pioneering entrepreneurial journalists anticipate the futures of journalism
Juho Ruotsalainen, Sirkka Heinonen, Jaana Hujanen & Mikko Villi

Experiencing scenarios through dramatized narratives
Jouko Myllyoja

The roles of futures studies in the negotiation of values and desired futures

Exploring meaningful futures together – An integrative approach to futures and values-orientation in theory and practice
Thomas Mengel

Concepts as futures. A proposal for a continuation of conceptual history in Futures Studies
Sascha Dannenberg & Nele Fischer

The grey swan and the ugly duckling – The logic behind transdisciplinary “Futures Science”
Dennis Mandwurf

Probable new human needs. Lesson from safe Sci-Fi futures
Aleksej Nareiko

Futures education and learning

Governance of Higher Education through OECD Future Scenarios
Johanna Kallo & Suvi Jokila, Department of Education, University of Turku, Finland

International interdisciplinary student-teams working together around a desirable Future of Europe
Christianne Heselmans, Linda Hofman, Gie Segers & Raf Excelmans

Building an ongoing and collaborative environmental monitoring process for UAS
Minna Koskelo, Anu Nousiainen & Susanna Kivelä


Utopias to combat futures-by-negation
Mikko Dufva, Hannu-Pekka Ikäheimo, Jenna Lähdemäki-Pekkinen & Pinja Parkkonen


Role-based game on Bioeconomy and Justice year 2125
Amos Taylor, Sofi Kurki & Noora Vähäkari


WHO MADE YOU? Exploring the uncanny valley (2019)
Directed by Iiris Härmä