Session II

New forms of participative democracy and their consequences

Governance scenarios for nation states: Options and context
Meelis Kitsing & Erik Terk

Deliberative anticipation
Hanna-Kaisa Pernaa

The future of work in 2030: From report to participatory workshop
Heather Russek, Jessica Thornton & Tara O’Neil

Citizen science, power, responsibility and foresight

“Three Horizons” for community anticipation of flood risks
Rocco Scolozzi & Roberto Poli

Planning for Third Horizon futures: After the collapse
Christopher Jones

The Future of Surveillance: A Critical Infrastructure Analysis of the 5th Generation Wireless Technology (5G)
Sebastiao Teatini

Society in transition. Perspectives and consequences for civil-military relations and the armed forces in the future
Chariklia Rothbart

Specific social futures (case studies on welfare, human relations, work,

Designing future experiences of the everyday
Claudia Garduño García & Idil Gaziulusoy

Craft in constructing social futures 2050
Päivi Fernström, Riikka Räisänen & Ana Nuutinen

Participatory art as a dialogic tool for constructing social futures: A case study on negotiating the Canadian Complexity for the Confederation’s Sesquicentennial (Canada 150)
Hallie Siegel

Foresight activities and their effect on sustainability transitions

The role of energy prosumers in the transition of the Finnish energy system towards 100% renewable energy by 2050
Michael Child, Dmitrii Bogdanov & Christian Breyer

Application of foresight methods in the research of a disruptive geothermal technology (CHPM)
Tamás Miklovicz, Marco K. Martins & Bodo Balazs

Frames and futures in the Dutch energy transition
Sietske Veenman

A prospective study of biogas in Germany in the Energy Systems of 2050 – A way to cope with complexity
Martin Rojas

Combining corporate foresight with corporate social responsibility

Corporate Foresight and the agile enterprise
Christoph K. Keller

The role of business executives’ values in shaping organisation’s long-term strategy
Jan Klakurka & Candice C. Chow

‘Knowledge of the future’ in health and wellness business
Anu Haapala

The future of pharma: Technology, policy and business
Anna Karhu

Advances in methods in futures studies

Sustainable future for biodiesel in Brazil: Perspectives for 2030
Maria Amelia Dias, Joao Vianna and Claus Felby

Sustainable futures of women in agriculture sector of India
Kamble Gautam

Participatory foresight in rural area development
Antti Rajala & Hanna-Leena Pesonen

Panel: ‘What are Social Futures? The View from Lancaster’

Creative Futures
Emily Spiers

Inverted Mobility Futures
Nicola Spurling

Past Urban Futures
Carlos López Galviz

Special Session: Becoming future-oriented in the age of digitalisation

The road to prototyping an online course in futures literacy for students, academics and entrepreneurs
Anna Sacio-Szymanska, Anna Pajak, Anna Kononiuk, Alicja Gudanowska, Stefanie Ollenburg, Leonello Trivelli, Gualtiero Fantoni & Oihana Hernaez

The methodology of the identification and the evaluation of key competences of future-oriented entrepreneurs in the beFORE project
Anna Kononiuk, Alicja Gudanowska, Andrzej Magruk, Anna Sacio-Szymanska, Stefanie Ollenburg & Leonello Trivelli

Exploring the perspectives of futures – Futures-Orientation meets Design(erly) Thinking
Stefanie Ollenburg, Anna Sacio-Szymańska, Monika Tkacz, Anna Kononiuk, Alicja Gudanowska