Session V

Citizen science, power, responsibility and foresight

Navigating the future of food: Insights for bio-governance and transformation from New Zealand and Australia
Amy L. Fletcher

Building foresight capabilities in agricultural scientific institutions of the Southern Cone: Lessons from a learning-by doing-experience
Diego Gauna, Sebastián Oviedo, Alejandra Vial, Marcos Antonio Gomes Pena Júnior, Silvia Kana-dani Campos & Javier Szostak

The Practice Approach in Practice: What can it teach us about current efforts and future potentials of Civil Society Organizations towards sustainable food consumption?
Vishal Parekh & Mikael Klintman

Futures studies in the empowerment of agency

Transformative foresight: Sketches for foresight enhancing agency
Anna Leinonen

Whose futures? Actors in knowledge practices and representations in the work of the Committee for the Future
Marjukka Parkkinen

Finnish Futures Day as a participatory approach to raise futures awareness and empower agency
Laura Pouru, Otto Tähkäpää & Minna Koskelo

Developing gender and cultural sensitive career guidance within futures studies
Sari Miettinen

Advances in methods in futures studies

Micro entrepreneurs preparing for the future – Process, tools & experiences
Jukka Laitinen & Tarja Meristö

Radical firms as agents for change: what does it entail and how can it be implemented?
Iana Nesterova & Orla Kelleher

Combining the pioneer analysis approach with long-wave theory for anticipating effects of innovation
Sofi Kurki, Sirkka Heinonen & Markku Wilenius

Firms and innovation. Developing methods for networked foresight – Visioning for radi-cal innovation in industrial networks
Sini Nordberg-Davies & Aino Halinen-Kaila

The roles of futures studies in the negotiation of values and desired futures

What does it take for local actors in Hammarby Sjöstad to cut the consumption-based emissions by half till 2030? A backcasting study on the local climate transition following Carbon Law.
Örjan Svane, Petter Olson, Charlie Gullström & Jan Markendahl

Visions of future sustainable consumption among different stakeholder groups
Åsa Svenfelt, Noha Baraka Wadha & Annika Carlsson-Kanyama

Rethinking transformative agency for the bio-society
Amos Taylor

Special Session

Reprise the results of the digital survey of the Constructing Social Futures Conference
Michael Jackson & Matthew Richardson


Interrupting the fiction of the ‘Risk Monster’, and hope-less futures for children in their families and communities: Action and rich encoun-ters outside of proprietary spaces
Seth Oliver, Tim Fisher, Anna Gupta, Susannah Patterson & Colum Sanson-Regan


Security futures in the urban age – Discussing three scenarios of 2040
Maria Malho, Kaisa Schmidt-Thome & Christopher Rowley


WHO MADE YOU? Exploring the uncanny valley (2019)
Directed by Iiris Härmä